PMTworld: Even large off-track vehicles (CarbonFiberConstructionPlugInHybridFlexFuel preferred) may travel in PMT TransPalletFerryCapsules cross-country long distance through HyperTubes

& EVENTUALLY, there will be AmphibiousMultiModal PMTvehicles & TransContinental &


TransOceanic Travel via

PartiallyAirless HyperTubes

 Transit tubes with a partial vacuum would remove air drag, allowing for impressive speeds. (The vehicles themselves will contain pressurized air, just like an airplane.)  "A cheaper alternative to removing the air completely is to depressurize it, the researchers say."


"China is developing a high-speed train that will travel at 620 miles per hour through maglev lines in airless tubes underground."


"The best use of such [tube] technology?"



Floating HyperTubes above the ocean floor, anchored with cables.

"Call it the Concorde 2.0: live in New York, work in London."

"Or travel from New York to Los Angeles in 45 minutes."

Lack of air resistance could permit vehicles to travel at very high speeds—up to 4,000–5,000 mph (6,400–8,000 km/h), which is 5–6 times the speed of sound (hypersonic speed) in Earth's atmosphere at sea level—using relatively little power.

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